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Jogador Simioniuc Adrian Iulian Romanian
Posição preferida Ponta direito
Categoria Sub-18
Informação esportiva
Apelido de jogador:
Altura 182 cm / 6 pés
Peso 68 Kg / 150 libras
Pé preferido Direito
Posição preferida Ponta direito
Segunda posição preferida Centro avante
Possui agente? Não
Possui clube? Sim
Categoria Sub-18
Informação esportiva
I started soccer at 13-14 years old working every day and making extra practice i improoved my skills very fast . I am working very hard in football making extra practice to turn me from a very good player into a grate player who will amaze everybody . Football is not only just a game , football is the sport who leard you how to reach the success and how to colaborate , how to work in a team , and to realise that with hard work anything is possible.
Informação pessoal
Sexo Masculino
Data de nascimento: 23 de julho de 1993 (24 anos)
Nacionalidade   Romanian
Naturalidade:   Romania
Cidade: Bucharest
País   Romania
Possui passaporte? Sim
Nivel académico (I am playing now in)First Romanian youth league
Idiomas falados Romanian,English,some French ...
Pontos fortes dribble,shots,long pass,speed,stamina .......
Descrição pessoal
Hellow ,I am Model and Football Player for videos - .. - , is my personal web page .

I am a hard worker who never give up , I am focused 100% to reach my goals and to overcome them ... , I have a huge determination , a lot of confidence , I try to be the best in everything ... I can say that to have success in life is a key , the key is to have a positive way of thinking like mine , a lot of confidence and determination and all things will be awesome ... more faster than you expect If you really want something and you work enough you will have it . , ,